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Please Help Us to Help You

Dated: 19-Apr-16

The Doctors and Staff at Sovereign Medical Centre would like to continue to provide you with the best possible service, but if we are able to do this, we need to make you aware of our concerns.

We are currently under a tremendous amount of pressure due to the fact that:
  • We are two doctors short
  • We have registered an extra 500 patient in the last three months alone
  • Neighbouring practices have been experiencing difficulties
  • We now have almost 11,500 patients on the practice register
This has resulted in:
  • More patients to be cared for
  • (40 - 60 seen by appointment or contacted each working day by Practice GPs)
  • More requests for home visits
  • More prescriptions to be checked and signed
  • More test results to be checked and responded to
  • More referrals to be undertaken
  • More letters to be dictated
We are therefore asking for your help and understanding at this difficult time.

Please help us by:
  • Considering carefully whether you need to book an appointment with a doctor, or whether a pharmacist, could advise you
  • If you are unable to keep an appointment with us, please cancel it as early as possible, so that we can use it for someone else who needs it
  • Considering booking an appointment at the surgery rather than requesting a Home Visit
  • Being understanding if you are not able to see a specific Doctor, or be seen at a specific time of your choice
  • Being aware that forms and paperwork may be delayed
We would like to assure you that the whole Practice Team is working very hard to give you the best service that we can, please work with us to make this possible.

Thank You!

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