Booking an appointment

You can book:

Our peak period is 8:30am to 10am and we have additional staff and lines open during that period.

Both Reception and telephone lines are open continuously until 6:30pm each working day.

Our online services allow patients to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions over the internet in a secure way. You can also access your GP-held records.

Booking in advance

This is possible in the following cases:

  • All appointments with nurses
  • Some appointments with the doctors (at specific times) 
  • These ‘future-booked’ appointments are intended for:
    • People who don’t want to take time off work
    • Occasions when the Doctor asks you to come back to see him/her
    • Predictable things, e.g. ongoing conditions, medication reviews etc

Booking on the day

It is a government requirement that patients can be seen within 48 hours by a doctor. To comply with this, we release the majority of doctor’s appointments ‘on the day’.

Urgent appointments

These are shorter appointments and are only for things that:

  • are medically urgent
  • have just arisen
  • is one problem only

They should not be used for convenience, multiple problems, pre-existing, or ongoing conditions unless something urgent has arisen.

Telephone advice

If you need to speak to your doctor on the telephone, please leave your contact number and brief details of the problem with a receptionist, so that we can arrange for the Doctor to ring you back.

Home visits

Please come to the surgery whenever possible. If you feel a visit is required, it helps the Doctor to plan the day effectively if you telephone before 11am.

Own doctor

There are occasions when it is not possible to see your own doctor. We will always offer you an alternative doctor who will have your complete medical information available.

Please help us to help you by considering seeing someone else.

Out of hours and emergencies

You should only call 999 in an emergency, for example, when someone’s life is at risk or someone is seriously injured or critically ill.

Visit if you need medical help fast, but it’s not life-threatening – for example, if you:

  • think you need to go to hospital!
  • don’t know who to call for medical help!
  • don’t have a GP to call!
  • need medical advice or reassurance about what to do next!

For health needs that are not urgent, you should call your GP. If a health professional has given you a number to call for a particular condition, you should continue to use that number.

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